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What are the 3 most common types of premises liability claims?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Premises Liability |

Owning property is one of the most effective ways of building personal wealth. Individuals and businesses alike may invest in real property to accrue wealth instead of spending money on rent. However, certain issues might diminish the financial benefit of property ownership, including premises liability claims.

Property owners have an obligation to the public to ensure that their facilities are safe for occupants and visitors. When property owners or businesses fail to maintain safe and accessible spaces, those harmed as a result of their failings may be able to pursue either an insurance claim or a premises liability lawsuit for their financial losses related to the unsafe premises. Such claims may arise for all sorts of reasons, but frequently those hurt on someone else’s property find that the claims they have grounds to pursue will fall into one of the three categories below.

Slip-and-fall incidents

Understaffing and improper facility maintenance are both choices that could potentially result in visitors getting hurt because they slip and fall. The injuries possible in a slip-and-fall incident include broken bones, brain injuries and soft tissue injuries that can force people to take a lengthy leave of absence from their employment and necessitate emergency medical care.

Negligent security

Crime can happen anywhere and at any time, but there are certain situations that increase the likelihood of criminal activity. If someone injured by criminal activity at a business can convincingly claim that a failure to invest in lighting, better facility maintenance or professional security services contributed to a criminal incident, the business or property manager may have some liability for their losses.

Animal bites

When people think of animal attacks, they often imagine angry dogs attacking delivery drivers, which is a common concern. Incidents involving aggressive animals are a leading cause of premises liability claims against individual property owners. Attacks that occur at businesses because they allow animals on their premises could also potentially lead to premises liability lawsuits.

Those who believe that a property owner or business has a degree of responsibility for their recent harm may want to learn more about premises liability. Seeking compensation is an appropriate response when negligence directly contributes to someone getting hurt.