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What are embezzlement charges?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Embezzlement means someone accuses you of stealing money they put you in charge of. If they cannot account for all the funds at any point, they might turn and point the finger at you.

There are many roles, both paid and unpaid, that might require you to look after money on an organization or company’s behalf. For instance, you could be accused of embezzlement in all the following situations:

  • You are the treasurer of the local kid’s baseball league and in charge of collecting subs.
  • You work a Saturday job in a local visitor attraction and are in charge of the till.
  • You are an accountant in a multinational company.
  • You work for the local government and are in control of some funds.

No matter how small the amount of money involved, embezzlement is a serious accusation.

Why do embezzlement charges happen?

People falsely accuse another person of embezzlement for various reasons. Some people have trouble trusting others with money. A company owner who sees figures are down may assume someone is stealing from them rather than accept their business is failing.

A lack of transparency could be another reason. You may have a valid explanation for the cash movements you made but forgot to tell people what you were doing.

Or maybe you were doing what your immediate boss told you, not realizing that it was wrong. Now he is trying to shift the blame onto you.

If someone accuses you of embezzling funds, it is crucial to have help to defend against the charges. Not only is your reputation on the line, but your freedom may also be at risk. A conviction could lead to jail time and a criminal record, which could harm your ability to hold positions of trust or gain employment.