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Recently in Police Misconduct Category

| Oct 3, 2016 | Civil Rights, Police Misconduct |

Recently in Police Misconduct Category

Show Your Work

September 3, 2013, by
Applegate Law Office

A lot of people who call to ask about representation after a DUI arrest ask me what I can do for them. It’s a good question for you to ask of a lawyer, and the answer depends on what you mean by “What can I do?”

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If the question is “What can I accomplish?” the answer is “I don’t and can’t know until I get police reports and other discovery from the prosecution.” That’s frustrating, I know – but it’s honest, too. IF the police and the prosecution have all the evidence they need; and IF it turns out that they managed to collect, document, and preserve all of that evidence perfectly; and IF they can present it all properly at trial, THEN what I can accomplish is primarily to explain what’s going on and why and to negotiate the best possible sentence – things I’m good at, by the way.

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Good Cops, Bad Cops

August 31, 2013, by
Applegate Law Office

They’re not all liars. They don’t all cheat, and they’re not all ill-trained thugs or thieves. Some of them are, though – enough to make any encounter with them frightening even if you haven’t done anything wrong. And even though the majority aren’t corrupt bullies, almost every single one of them will unquestioningly side with and support his or her fellow police officers over anyone else.



A ‘good German’ was a World War II-era German who chose to ignore the horrors that Hitler and the Nazis were perpetrating. ‘Good’ Germans turned blind eyes to the misdeeds and atrocities of their leaders and willfully refused to see the Holocaust
occurring before their eyes. They didn’t actively participate, so they could pretend that they were not to blame for allowing Hitler to persecute the Jews and others, There are a lot of terrifying police in the country, but the vast majority of modern American police officers aren’t actively evil. They’re just good Germans who ignore the crimes and abuses that some of their fellow officers commit and help to cover up their brothers’ ‘mistakes’ and ‘indiscretions.’