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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth 800 Pounds of Cure

| Mar 9, 2012 | Marijuana |

The Shasta County court is deciding whether to reimburse a woman for 800 pounds of marijuana that the Shasta County Marijuana Eradication Team seized and destroyed in January.

According to, Esmeralda Sanchez Garcia owns the land that the marijuana was grown on and has a medical recommendation for 99 plants. At least two other people had recommendations that accounted for plants grown on the property. The Sheriff’s Department claims it was an illegal “commercial operation,” while Sanchez Garcia’s attorney sees it plainly as a cooperative operating within the law. Sanchez Garcia is suing for reimbursement for the destroyed plants.

This is an interesting case because the laws are continuously evolving on this topic and because federal, state, and local laws can — and almost always do — conflict with each other. Every year, thousands of people who believe that they’re operating legally and following medical advice find themselves questioned, investigated, and harassed. And every year, hundreds of those people get arrested, charged, and smeared in the press while fighting to prove that they’re in the right and to avoid between 16 months and several years behind bars.

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